2022 in the Cards

It's a frigid -8 degrees F in Minnesota, and we are holed up and staying cozy on this first day of 2022. Last night, I said that my new years resolution is to discard assumptions I have about myself. My identity includes many things that come along with virgo sun sign: I'm organized, analytical, conservative when it comes to risk... All true. But what if I embraced the aspects of myself that run contrary to those currents? What would happen if I stopped playing it SO safe and embraced the spirit of the explorer? The searcher? What if I listened to my restless heart that aches for some undefined something? Something that inches closer to my truth... Something that walks closer to the walk of my true path...a path that revels itself to me little by little as I take those risks to listen to its calling. 

Magic is what happens when I take risks to walk that walk. In high school, a palm reader told me to read a book called The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. I searched casually for this book without success for 4 years. There's a saying: when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. The teacher appeared in the form of a book sitting on a shelf in a used book store. Almost like it waved me down in my peripheral vision. I bought The Artists Way, took it to Hidden Beach on Cedar Lake, read the first few chapters, and it lit up my mind so much that I played my first ever open mic set at the Terminal Bar in Minneapolis. It was the beginning of my music career.

Magic is what happens. 

I did a zoom call with my friend this evening, and we drew some cards for our personal journeys of 2022. I have four decks, and I drew one from each deck for each of us. 

From the Celtic Tarot deck, my card was The Magician: the card of inspired manifestation.

From the Tarot of the Spirit deck, I drew the Ten of Wind: a death to the old way of thinking and a rise to new perspectives. Transcending the ways of thinking that limit and rise up on winds of change. 

From the  Medicine Cards, I drew my animal spirit - the buddy that will help me and teach me on my journey: The Dog. Loyal, loving and serving.

From The Starseed Oracle deck, I drew The Portal card of manifestation: "Doors are opening...extreme transformation can occur. What would you most like to experience?"

Four pillars of manifestation rose up around me with these cards. It seems like the universe is indeed getting slippery, I just have to be brave and take the risks.

These are beautifully powerful questions to ponder for this new moon of a new year: what would you most like to experience? What life do you most want to live?


Hi there. It's me, Jenny. It's the day after Christmas. It's year 2 of the pandemic. It's year 7 of motherhood. It's year 43 of my life. I'm letting my hair go grey, and I am trying to convince myself that it is very sexy. Sometimes I am 100% convinced. Other times, like when my eyes go droopy with 2 glasses of wine, less so. 

I've left the stage behind. I've left the keyboard behind. Sometimes I miss the stale beer-flooded stages of the bar venues, but that is mostly a lie. I do miss those occasional shows where I know the music has touched the room in the special way it touched me when it came into being for the first time. I miss when I used to sit down at the piano and confess to it. We'd have a beautiful conversation, and it would come out in a song. 

I don't go to the piano anymore. I could blame it on motherhood. But to be honest, I was grateful when my daughter came along and showed me there is so much more to life than the sweat and tears I bled out for a music career that wasn't leading anywhere. So yeah, I don't go to the piano anymore. I keep hoping it's just a really long phase... 

 But for now when I have a bad day, I write. The writing has become my solace and my coach. It's funny that sometimes I rant out a long, indignant stream of consciousness in the 1st person, and about half way through it changes to 2nd person: a tough-love coach emerges and gives me all kinds of helpful insights and advice. 

 Why am I writing now? Out here in the world? I'm not sure exactly. But I will tell you it terrifies me to do this. I don't know what it is about me that wants to dangle my bare soul out there for whomever to see - whether it be in song form or in writing form. But maybe it's the urge to connect. Mabye my naked thoughts are similar to yours, and we can share a moment of human-ness together and be honest - this journey is hard! 

Lately I've been craving a source of magic. It floats into and out of my life. Sometimes I feel like the Universe is listening to me and I can co-create with it. I describe these moments of inspiration and manifestation as "slippery." Life is feeling locked up, and I want it to feel slippery again. I watched The Wizzard of Oz last night. "Somewhere over the rainbow..." Monday morning looms with its many Zoom meetings, I wonder.. how can I bring the magic?



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Blood Folk - EP - Jenny Dalton