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"A few weeks before delivering a baby daughter, singer-songwriter Jenny Dalton delivers her third full-length, Black Water. Dalton recorded and produced all nine tracks, “cocooned” in a Stillwater house. On “Wolf Named Someday,” Dalton produces an eerie vocal quality backed by soft piano and shuffled beats. The song shifts back and forth between this eeriness and a sense of hope as she sings, “Puttin’ on my nice red dress for the wolf named someday.” She’ll be at Northeast Minneapolis staple the 331 Club this Friday for her release show."

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New CD Release! Introducing "Black Water"

NEW ALBUM: Release September 2, 2014

Blood Folk - EP - Jenny Dalton 

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"Wolf Named Someday" Video on City Pages Gimme Noise Blog

"Minneapolis singer-songwriter Jenny Dalton is back after some time away from the scene, with a new record called Black Water, which is due out on September 2. The first single offered up from the new collection is the moody and haunting, "Wolf Named Someday," and the shadowy clip suitably compliments the saturnine quality of the track. The album was inspired by Dalton's time in Stillwater, and the leisurely, picturesque setting on the banks of the St. Croix River. Shortly before she is due to give birth, Dalton has planned a CD release show at the 331 Club on September 5, backed by her stellar band featuring Martha Weir (the Chambermaids), Joe Gaskill (Kill To Kill), and Brian Lake (Buildings), who is also the father-to-be. Dalton's strong, inspired batch of new songs should make quite an impression on the local music scene." - CityPages Gimme Noise

Interview on Vents Magazine

.."Let ́s talk about your latest material, Black Water. Can you tell to us more about the recording process
Black Water has been in progress for a few years. My first two full lengths were recorded in the studio with an engineer, session musicians and the whole 9 yards. Black Water was all done at home by myself, so it felt experimental and meditative. It was a very solitary process with a lot of late nights. Since I was able to use my iPad for some of it, I was able to sit out on the deck under the moon, surrounded by trees, with bats flying around, and I was listening and creating in that kind of surreal environment. It was nice to be able to create the music in the same type of environment that inspired it."..

- Full Interview on Vents Magazine