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New CD Release! Introducing "Black Water"

NEW ALBUM: Released September 2014

Blood Folk - EP - Jenny Dalton 

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Bucket List reviews Black Water

Black Water album rating: 8.5 out of 10: overall verdict "Excellent"

"This album, Black Water by Jenny Dalton, was a pleasure to listen to, and after looping too many times to count, I’ve found there are a few songs in particular that really stand out for me...The words are interesting and have just the right amount of darkness to keep them intriguing and mysterious without being angsty. .Some of the tracks have this airy quality to them, like Jenny took all the best qualities from Enya and skipped the cheesy reverbs and string lines, leaving the album with the same calmness, but far more emotional relevance.."  - Bucket List

Letoile Magazine

"In one of the many CD releases this late summer, local singer-songwriter Jenny Dalton is playing at the 331 Club weeks before her daughter’s birth to bring you her new album BlackWater. Recorded in a house in Stillwater, Jenny Dalton’s new album evokes a delicate and often eerie sound with her powerful vocals, driving piano (or sometimes autoharp), and muted or absent percussion. Also, performing at 10 pm will be the talented punk-rock-turned-folk songsmith Andy Elwell, and, at 11 pm, country-fried psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll band by way of Coon Rapids Red Daughters fresh off their CD release at Icehouse. Jenny Dalton goes on at midnight." - Letoile Magazine