Partial Press Digest through Spring 2008

"Jenny Dalton seems to be everywhere these days, doing everything – she’s even started up her own podcast." - Howwastheshow.com

"Jenny Dalton has had a busy year. She worked with international producers on the compelling Carbon Lily Remixes album, did a music video “Cadence vs Hugo Varvoglis” (working with Justin Staggs) and is completing her next studio LP, Rusalka’s Umbrella, set for release sometime in ‘08." - Perfect Porridge

"Dalton's music may be described as stark: Her distant and calm voice and icy piano weave about each other, hinting briefly at Celtic inspirations." - City Pages

"Behind Jenny Dalton’s music are lyrics her fans describe as melancholy, plaintive and heartfelt. Her music captures romantic essences and invites comparisons to Kate Bush." - Interview (Podcast) - Sacre Bleu Wine Podcast Interview

"Ninety minutes had passed in what felt like fifteen. The audience was held in rapt attention, it seemed as though nobody was even breathing, they were transfixed on the stage." - howwastheshow.com

"The much talked about, Jenny Dalton arrived humbly with her piano and music for this very special show. Excitement built when Jenny Dalton began her initial interview. Everyone was touched by her soft voice as she spoke..." - Twin Cities Radio

"Minneapolis singer-songwriter Jenny Dalton’s music is the sort of thing that would appeal to people one at a time." - Time Out New York

"Chanteuse Jenny Dalton used her powers to work a little Tori-Amos-type magic on the ivories, picking out lonely, lovely lines that provided the perfect pop-lilt foil for her melancholy soprano whispers." - City Pages

"Jenny Dalton avait alors quelque chose de mystérieux. Une mélancolie persistante se dégageant du piano, une lassitude menaçante séchappant de sa voix et les problèmes relationnels revenant comme un thème incontournable Ce premier album de Jenny Dalton intitulé Fleur de Lily, est déjà un de mes favoris de 2006." - Soit dit en Passant

I find it reassuring when artists don’t have to always fit the stylish uber-chic mold and I think she is one that does not. She makes her own. - Indyish.com

"Pianist and singer Jenny Dalton has been writing original piano songs since she was about eight years old. She has never had any formal training and cannot read music, but that doesn't stop her from writing soulful and intimate songs." - Interview & Performance 89.3 The Current

"Shes a twist of Tori with a splash of the Cranberries chased with a chilled glass of Kate Bush and with a tenderness and honesty all her own...Fans are taking notice, and this Minneapolis artist has prompted an outpouring of support nationally and internationally." - Wake Magazine

"Jenny Dalton is a lovely girl, at once timeless and classic...there is a sense of independence and fearless creativity in Daltons music that leaves the listener a little unsettled, even haunted at times. Deep within Dalton's songwriting is a feeling of mysticism, an obvious and intense love for the piano that makes her music captivating and quietly beautiful." - Pulse of the Twin Cities

"Dalton's disc is a delicate mix of moody, curvy piano tunes, and each of the songs seemed to spring to life as she performed them live." - howwastheshow.com

"Far better than coffeehouse folk, Jenny Dalton has some edge to her maudlin, melancholic-but-pretty songs" - Pop Matters

"[The word "pagan"] connotes an earth goddessness that parallels the high drama and spiritual pith of Dalton’s jaggedly personal piano compositions" - Amplifier Magazine

"Minneapolis-based Jenny Dalton is sultry and impressive in her independently labeled debut CD, Fleur de Lily. Dalton sounds years ahead of her musical age." - Celebrity Cafe

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