Episode 17 - Thunderstorms

Just chatting over a thunderstorm.
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Lookit these pretty storm photos I took on the way up to play an art festival in Brainerd, MN:


I want you to hear this awesome Rainy Day Mix Tape (a little different from the one I posted earlier):


SAVE THE DATE: Thurs, July 24
Radio K Presents my 2nd annual multimedia show at the Bryant Lake Bowl Theater. Featuring the best of the 48-Hour Film Festival, and live artist el Perdito. It's an early show: I think it starts at 7pm. Here's a review from last year. You can buy tickets in advance here (recommended b/c last year sold out)


Jenny Dalton - Fleur de Lily
Jenny Dalton - Fleur de Lily
Jenny Dalton - The Glossy Shoebox - The Glossy Shoebox