AbsolutePunk: Rusalka's Umbrella Album Review

"The symphonic lox and ethereal fabric of Jenny Dalton’s music is stuff that dreams are made of ....Dalton is a practitioner of ambient-folk, but she does vary her ambient registers from a country slant in “The Turn and the River” to orchestral curls and maudlin fringes in “Married to the Sea” to a circus fair in “Alionushka” and a soothing piano-centric melody in the title track. The songs are like a consortium of instruments where each plays their own thought patterns but when they come together, everything is done in unison. The mellow undulations in the piano lifts of “So Says I” move like a love sonnet, and the lush melodic landscapes of “The Fall” are a vision of rolling hills, cascading brooks, and fluttering reefs. Slowly rising chord series build up into stirring flourishes in “Ladies and Gentlemen” and “Bad Seed” adorning the melodies with low rumbling bass drums and stylish string silhouettes...." - View Full Article at Absolutepunk.net