Daughters of the Dead Sea

Daughters of the Dead Sea - SOLD OUT (only available through this website: limited quantities):
100-page paperback book by Jenny Dalton including journal entries, port-town poems, notes and lyrics written during the creation and recording of Rusalka’s Umbrella. Included as an e-book on the CD, and is available on CreateSpace & Amazon.com

Jenny Dalton's new full-length concept album, Rusalka's Umbrella, is accompanied by her first book, Daughters of the Dead Sea. The works are based on the water element and are inspired by a collage of influences including Twin Peaks, the Morton Salt Girl, The Shipping News, ghosts, Memoirs of a Geisha, folktales, The Fall by Albert Camus, the 35W bridge collapse, Mermaids and more.

Though water takes on many symbolic meanings throughout the CD and book, the overarching theme is water as an element of change. The music spans the light/cheerful to the dark/mysterious, and the book documents an evolution through journal entries, poems, notes and lyrics.

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