Episode 24 - Track 2: The Turn and the River

CD Release Show at the Ritz Theater in Minneapolis on Saturday, September 6!

Continuing the Count Down...

This is the second podcast episode in a series of 14 which will feature a track from my new CD release.

In this podcast episode, I introduce and talk about the second track on the new Rusalka's umbrella album, "The Turn and the River." What I didn't have time to mention in this episode is that:

a. This is a break-up song which was written before the 35 W bridge collapse. But now when I perform this song, I think about that infamous collapse.

b. This song isn't literally about poker, but it's a symbol for the end of a relationship playing itself out.

c. Bill Caperton is a guest musician on this recording: playing guitar

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Learn more about Better Known Vacancy and all songs on the new CD in my book called Daughters of the Dead Sea. The book is included in electronic format (PDF) on the CD.

Rusalka's Umbrella
Lyrics | CD Baby

Well I know that we're lost
Despite my better word, we're lost
But don't follow back that bread-crumb trail
'cause I find a better world on my own

I feel the sting, and I hear the thunder
I reached for your hand,
and you tried to pull me under
I was caught in your lines,
but I break through the surface
Show me the turn and the river

You can't pull my plug out now
I've got your hand held behind your back
Yeah you'll be there
when the dust of the bridge falls out
I think you want it too much
I think I want it too much