Exclusive Interview on EarFarm

"Change moves Jenny Dalton through illusive soundscapes that often play out as though they were the piano explorations of memories personified. While melodies and song structures drift from dreamy folk-pop to country to waltz to musical poetry, the atmospheric touches throughout the album enhance the intended melancholia and shine a well-guided light upon the introspective adventure that is Rusalka’s Umbrella. It is a moony and fantastic record. It’s ripe for bedroom floor listening and truly rewards repeated listens, with Daughters of the Dead Sea only furthering the depth of this particular private adventure.

What got Jenny Dalton started with music in the first place? What has made her one of today’s most promising self-produced artists? How did she get that bruise on her hand, and what would be the outcome if she encountered the Southern Oracle of NeverEnding Story fame? We caught up with her recently on the phone to find out the answers to these very important questions, and more…" - Check out the interview on EarFarm