L2P Network Album Review

Working with darker chords and sonic layers akin to artists such as The Smiths, The Cure, Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Peter Murphy, and others, Jenny Dalton has created a spectacular full-length concept album based around water as an element of change. A rusalka is a female water spirit in Slavic folklore, and while she’s not of Eastern European descent (Dalton's ancestry is Irish, French and Dutch), Jenny took an interest in the Eastern Block sound and culture which comes through on the title track as well as “Alionushka." In addition, as an interesting artist outreach to share with her growing fanbase, the CD is accompanied by her first book, Daughters of the Dead Sea, included as a pdf file on the disc. Jenny’s music spans the light/playful to the dark/mysterious, and the book documents an evolution through journal entries, poems, notes and lyrics. - L2P Network 9 October 2008, Vol 1 Issue 15