Podcast Episode 30 - Track 8: Ladies and Gentlemen

This podcast episode is about Rusalka's Umbrella track #8: "Ladies and Gentlemen." It's the part of the sequence within the CD that gets into innocence vs. deviance.

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Rusalka's Umbrella
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Oh Yeager, Yeager and your warehouses downtown
Here lies discretion buried in a bar napkin
They'll invite you in, you've got a sin tax on your head
'cause you bring the hot water
gonna take it down and down

But let's be ladies and gentlemen
not conquestors in hot water
Who was that calling with my voice?

Oh Yeager, Yeager climbing up those fated rungs
On the fire escape, escaping from their wanting hands
They'll invite me in, I've got a sin tax on my head
and I'll bring the hot water, gonna take it down and down

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