Podcast Episode 32 - HALLOWEEN

Happy Halloween!

I'm playing a show (in Halloween costume) at the Kitty Cat Klub on Thursday, Oct 30. We'll celebrate the 31st when the clock strikes 12.

In this SPOOKY podcast episode:

I recite the poem, "Girl in the Woods" from my book Daughters of the Dead Sea.

Also, I play an original Halloween Song for you (which I recorded just today). Check it out in the episode mp3. If you would like a copy of this song, join the mailing list.

Wishing you tricks n' treats,

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Halloween Song 2008 Lyrics

All rise and fall again, you autumn leaves
These days the veil is thin
it's All Hollow's Eve

Yes, your majesty, we have many tales to tell
Ghostly by the lanterns, ships passing in the night
Come in by the fire, we have many tales to tell
The hush of all the voices fall like apples to the ground

Rusalka's Umbrella
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