Episode 33 - Track 10: Dear Paul

This podcast episode is about Rusalka's Umbrella track #10: "Dear Paul."

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Dear Paul, I am writing
wondering how you have been
Dear Paul, I've been reading
I fear I'm reading too much into this

Give me something more
Give me something strong
Give me something I can believe in
Give me something more
Give me something strong
I know something's wrong with this picture

Dear Paul, I have thrown out
everything that I believed in
I can't decide if I'm a nihilist or a fatalist today

Dear Paul, I know I've been
a little out of touch, a little out of reach
But now I’ll sit beside you
Take my hand, let's see what happens

And he says, "Give me something more.
Give me something strong.
Give me something I can believe in."
And I said, "I can't give you more.
This is all I've got. This is everything that I believe in."

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