Episode 35 - Track #12: Snow Mazes of Norway

This podcast episode is about Rusalka's Umbrella track #12: "Snow Mazes of Norway."

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Rusalka's Umbrella
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Six points on a snowflake, eight arrows on a compass
My brother with a host family playing drums for the Norwegians
He went walking to explore Trysil, but he got lost in a winter maze
Six points on a snow flake, eight arrows on a compass

Six ways from Sunday falling down
Eight feet of heaven on the ground
Keep him warm, keep him warm
'Cause in the snow mazes of Norway,
he is underground

He brought back some souvenirs
a metal bowl with a Viking ship
a wooden carving and compass
and six points on a snowflake

Six points on a snowflake
Eight memories in a photograph
My brother's going to miss that snow
Now he surfs in San Diego

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