Episode 36 - Track 13: "Merry Go Around"

This podcast episode is about Rusalka's Umbrella track #13: "Merry Go Around."

Learn more about the new CD in Daughters of the Dead Sea which is now available at amazon.com. This 100-page paperback book has diary entries, poems, and lyrics/descriptions all relating to Rusalka's Umbrella.

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Rusalka's Umbrella
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How did you pull the wool over their eyes?
It's some trick you pulled, but I am unfooled
Then the sheriff called
and the bible thumped
It's some badge you wear
like you're exalted

It's alright now 'cause I am all that he became
Standing down, staring at infinity
Ride and ride, we'll ride those horses round and round
Dodge and burn
on the merry go around

Underneath your skin, a dark hazard waits
Is this bridge on fire? Were you too late?
This history repeats itself
It's some horse you mount
like you're wiser

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