Typoscura Hump Day Party Hits

Secrets of the City:

The Red Stag continues its late night music series this evening with the sugar-coated sounds of songbird Jenny Dalton. This ivory-tickling sweetheart with a voice of gold will tempt you with her electronica-tinged pop goodness -- and her pretty eyes. DJ Nyteowl flips wax between sets, and The Stag serves up the tastiest bar menu this side of the river (think real Wisconsin cheese curds, smelt fries, and truffle oil popcorn), not to mention mega-cheap happy hour drink specials! We especially love the Stag because it's one of the only places that you can hear great live music and have an intimate conversation at the same time -- it's the ultimate date spot! Late Night Happy Hour happens each Wednesday and Thursday after 10 p.m., and Sundays after 9 p.m. - Secrets of the City


"Even if you're night is booked solid, I suggest you make some room for the lovely Jenny Dalton. Jenny and sometimes musical co-conspirator DJ Nyteowl will be performing this evening for what I'm anticipating to be the best Hump Day™ to date.

Vita.mn and Secrets of the City have both plugged it in the past week and with both Jenny's and Nyteowl's own fans...I know it's gonna be a packed house." - Typoscura


Celebrate Hump Day with Red Stag’s monthly DJ night presented by local blogger Typoscura (aka man-about-town Tucker Garrick). This month’s edition includes DJ Nyteowl spinning electronic pop and live music by piano-playing songstress Jenny Dalton. Her latest effort, 2008 concept album “Rusalka’s Umbrella,” was co-released with her first book, “Daughters of the Dead Sea,” and showcases her folk-meets-baroque pop stylings. The late-night happy hour includes reduced-price appetizers and drinks. - Vita.mn