Review: Jenny Dalton Offers Her Album Umbrella In Electro-lyte Splendor - MusicDish

"Singer-songwriter Jenny Dalton serves up an alluring dish of dulcetly groomed electro-pop on her latest release, Umbrella Remixes. The EP retools a handful of songs from her previous record, Umbrella, and infuses an ethereal tint in the tracks while conditioning them with a club-pop whisking...Jenny Dalton's words and music connect with people in their desire for comfort while their lives gravitate towards turmoil. The aquatic flow of the ambient fossils and vaporous fumes in her songs feel like the passages enter the deepest recesses of Dalton's soul and come up positively vibed. Umbrella Remixes is stacked in club-oriented tracks that have a universal meaning beneath its crystal-planked surface, and tenaciously hold onto locating serenity while taking the listener on the ride." - MusicDish E-Journal