T- T- T- Tarot

I occasionally practice the esoteric art of tarot reading. I don't claim to be a pro, and I don't know how or why this works, but I have been told that I am "scarily accurate." The reading tends to be helpful guidance, but I'd caution against letting it make any huge life decisions for you. It's mostly just for fun!

I use the Celtic deck with the Celtic 10-card spread, and it goes like this: a reading video I did for a Halloween CD release promo.

How it works:
After selecting "Personalized Tarot Reading" from the drop-down menu and submitting info via Pay Pal, send an email to tellme @ glossyshoebox.com with:
1. Name and sex of the "querent" (sometimes people do these as gifts)
2. Birthdate including year
3. Yes/No question for the reading
4. Mailing address to which you'd like me to mail your reading

The reading will be completed and sent via USPS within 5 business days.

Jenny D