Shoot to Fill

Well, I'm shooting guns and cutting my own hair now. I'm a little proud of both things, but not about to join the NRA or apply to Great Clips. I made a quick update video featuring those and other things. Also, I know my dad is going to be worried about my soul for this (don't werrrrie dad!), but I've decided to do Tarot readings for shiggles via email/paypal. I send signed copies of my CD collection along with the reading results. It's kinda fun; I even did it for a fan in Israel so far.

Friday, August 28th @ Music Box Theater w/ Jim Walsh's Hootenanny 6pm (Minneapolis, MN)
Wednesday, September 16 @ Sauce
(Minneapolis, MN)

I'm still making these available for free at the moment. Click pic:

Password: discomuffins

"Shot through the heart, and you're to blame.You give love a bad name!" - Bon Jovi
XO, Jenny D

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