Signed CD Collection and/or Tarot Reading

Hows about I do a tarot reading for you and send your results along with a signed collection of my 3 CDs? Do I claim to have psychic abilities or is this a bunch of bs? I dunno, maybe, anything is possible. But who cares? It's fun.

There are options for CDs only, Tarot Reading only, or both in a combined package (just choose from drop down menu)

I'll send you:
1. A personalized & signed write-up of your tarot reading results
2. A signed copy of "Rusalka's Umbrella"
3. A signed copy of "Carbon Lily Remixes"
4. A signed copy of "Fleur de Lily"
5. A bit o' surprise swag

I use the Celtic deck with the Celtic 10-card spread, and it goes like this: a reading video I did for a Halloween CD release promo.

Send an email to tellme @ glossyshoebox.com with:
1. Name
2. Birthdate including year
3. Yes/No question for the reading
4. Mailing address to which you'd like me to mail your reading & signed CDs
(of course your personal information with be kept supersecret)

Once I get info and such, then I'll mail this out within 5 biz days.

Choose Option CD Collection and/or Tarot Reading

Jenny D