Free Halloween Tarot !

"Wow! This first-ever reading couldn't be more on-target! And so enlightening..... it's spooky!" - Anonymous

"It's amazing how well your reading fit my personality and situation!" - Anonymous

Free Halloween Tarot Special:
I'm doing Tarot readings via email during October. I use the Celtic deck with the Celtic 10-card spread, and it goes like this: a reading video I did for a Halloween CD release promo.

I'm doing this for free but also humbly putting forth the "Tip Jar":

If you're interested in getting a printed reading sent to you with a signed music collection, check this out.

How to do it
To get a free Tarot reading via email, send an email to tellme @ glossyshoebox.com with:
1. Name
2. Birthdate including year
3. Yes/No question for the reading
4. Toss something into the donate button if you're so inclined

Black kitties & candy corns,
Jenny D