I'm a first-time gardener! My backyard is mostly shady, but I have a tiny patch of sunlight for a tiny garden. I had grand landscaping ideas (including plans to revamp my garden shed as a sweat lodge sauna and/or chicken coup...I didn't see the ideas as completely incompatible as long as the hens aren't in the sauna while it's going. I finally gave up the idea thinking about the smell), but landscaping gets expensive in a hurry. I decided to do a staw bale garden because I've heard that works pretty well, and it's a cheap, cute way to do a raised bed. I'll plant snap peas in there, some tomatoes and other climb-y, vine-y types.

Hopefully I'm not too late to start from seed, but I put jack-o-lantern pumpkin seedlings, chive seedlings, and giant moonflower seedlings in the ground this weekend.