Concert Announcement & New Video Podcast Episode

Hello friends! I have some new infos for you:

Concert at The Whole: November 12
Playing with my band (The Wrought Iron); also featuring the lovelies Shaunna Heckman (of Duluth) and Sara Winters. Doors at 7:30 pm, $3 students, $5 public, all ages
- RSVP on FaceBook
- Details & Venue

Video Podcast Episode 43 - Autumn Prettiness
Narrated video footage of a fall color drive to Taylor's Falls and miscellaneous highlights including the release of a 1000 lb pumpkin from a tall crane :) (ps, this episode is not explicit, the tag in iTunes was incorrect and may not be updated yet)
- Download on iTunes
- Direct mov File


PS! If you like "The Fall" Remix in the video podcast episode, you can download the "Umbrella Remixes" Album for free here (I think this will work). This link will expire tho