L'etoile Mag Mention

"Who other than beloved local singer/songwriter Jenny Dalton could woo fans with an album influenced by Albert Camus, mermaids, Twin Peaks and the Morton Salt Girl? And that's just the start! For her latest full-length, Rusalka's Umbrella, Dalton pulls imagery from her first book, Daughters of the Dead Sea, symbolism, Slavic folklore and the overarching theme of water to produce a surreal, new-age-infused 14-track concept album featuring collaborations with members of Cloud Cult, Murzik, One for the Team, Askeleton, Ela and more. Join the indie folk sweetheart tonight as she performs tracks from her soulful tale of the seas album with sets from indie poppers, Canon Chorus, the Original Mark Edwards Band and Brianna Lane." - L'etoile Magazine