Colorado Song

I am miles away from anything
'cause silence is what I've been craving
in a mountain town whose sky is unveiling
the bluest blood this side of the canyan

There are traces of Shawnee in my blood that begin to sing along
with the frequencies of this mountain's tuning fork
My blood it is spilling over this old dominion
and it dries into rust like the red foot hills
The westerlies rushing through the passes
are messing up my hair like the hands,
like the thirsty hands of a love who has finally found a way
to break free of the restraints, now take me
I feel the power of everything it funnels down into me
and I will breach this, this wisdom

the cries of the falcons
bouncing around the rock faces
fall on my ears, I can almost understand them
with an old language etched into my past

Well I don't know the source this chanting
I can only hear when I'm still and quiet
But I will ride up close to it
Yes I will breach this wisdom

Blood Folk - EP - Jenny Dalton