Shotgun Wedding

I'm the bride of an easy rider
It's hard to say how it happened
What happened there stay there in Vegas
on a lost scroll in an empty bottle

Something new, something blue
the fuzzy dice hanging on your mirror
they roll like heads in the wake of
heat brought from a pair of snake eyes

My four-inch heels are the skins of
two rattle snakes from your desert
they roll like wheels on the pavement
gambling with the devil's highway

My veil is laced with the drugs of
cactus flowers from your desert
which side of the veil will you stand on-
the magician or of the fool?

Bring it over, bring him over I want to see him
cocked and ready set to go, to fire off in the chapel

I will be in Vegas within three clicks of a ruby slipper
slip into something nice, and stand before the reverend
the shotgun wedding vows are waiting at the end of a dusty line
the end of the isle
I will be in Vegas within three clicks of a shotgun trigger
trigger the first event of the rest of my life
the shotgun wedding vows are sealed behind the sugar and bloody lips
of the sex and violence
Here comes the bride, walking down to Reverend Hill
kiss me on my bloody lips, kiss my on my bloody lips

Blood Folk - EP - Jenny Dalton