Interview with City Pages Gimme Noise

"Some artists, like Jenny Dalton, sneak into your consciousness without you ever realizing it. Recently, the Minneapolis musician took some time away from the Cities to retreat to Stillwater, allowing her to nurture and write new tracks for her new album, Black Water. The record lives on the edges of singer-songwiter indie-rock, but has elements of haunting ambient rock thrown in. Black Water gently buzzes with soft static and the rustle of life's more humble, quiet moments; listen to it on a late evening with the windows open as summer gives away to autumn.

Gimme Noise caught up with the singer before her album release at the 331 Club on Friday night, where she will be sharing the stage with some friends, along with her baby that's set to make its debut a couple of weeks after the record release show. - Full interview at City Pages Gimme Noise